Student Learning


Skye Primary School provides high quality instruction and learning programs with the aim to provide every child the opportunity to develop to his/her maximum potential in a supportive yet challenging environment.

Our school and teachers set high expectations and standards and strive to meet the individual learning needs of all students. Our teachers consider the knowledge, interests and abilities each student brings to the learning context, the skills and content taught from the Victorian Curriculum, how we can best support our students to learn (individual, cooperative groups, small groups and whole class instruction) and the ongoing assessment strategies that help inform the teaching and learning cycle.

It is important to us to provide a safe and secure learning environment for all of our students. We foster learning environments that support our students to think critically and creatively, to develop positive problem solving skills, and to be engaged in their own learning from Prep to Grade 6.

Literacy and Numeracy


At Skye Primary School we believe Literacy is the foundation for effective learning across all areas of the curriculum.

In building our student’s literacy skills we follow the current dimensions within the Victorian Curriculum: Reading & Viewing, Writing, and Speaking & Listening. Within these broad areas, skills and strategies taught include the following:

  • Reading texts with fluency and phrasing
  • Exploring text meanings and developing the skills and ability to reflect and think critically in response texts read
  • Developing a broad range of strategies for reading
  • Writing a range of text types through active involvement in the planning, composing, editing and publishing processes of texts
  • Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation and Handwriting
  • Developing and demonstrating the appropriate oral language for particular audiences and occasions, including body language and voice
  • Oral language development through a wide range of activities including oral presentations and performances

Our Literacy program utilises a number of programs and strategies to support the development of our student’s learning. Including a phonemic approach to spelling, Literacy Pro, Reading Eggs, 5/6 CAFÉ Reading, and Literacy Intervention support P – 6.

Our Literacy program addresses the needs and interests of all students within the classroom through a range of individual, small group and whole class activities. Ongoing monitoring of student achievements assists teachers to identify student needs and to set goals for future learning.



At Skye Primary School the students engage in MSL sessions for Literacy and in Numeracy. MSL is when learning happens through the senses, which act as pathways to the brain.

Auditory – through the sense of hearing

Visual – through the sense of sight

Tactile – through the sense of touch

Kinesthetic – through body movement

A multisensory lesson engages students on all these levels at one time. Multisensory lessons are impactful because no matter the learning strength of each child, a multisensory lesson will target the learning strengths of all students at one time. We can teach once and successfully reach all of our students.


Skye Primary School strives to create pedagogical rich classrooms that promote and develop young mathematicians, and believes that teaching mathematicians involves:

  • A developmental approach to learning and teaching
  • Learning and Teaching that builds on the needs and knowledge of the individual student – differentiation
  • Problem solving / Investigative learning experiences
  • Students in active learning processes
  • Students using hands-on materials
  • High focus on mathematical language
  • Students working in flexible groupings
  • Use of instructional games where appropriate
  • Incorporates use of ICT to help foster deeper mathematical thinking

Our Mathematics program incorporates a developmental approach to student learning where our teachers focus on students building on concepts, skills and processes developed in earlier years, with these being revisited, strengthened and extended upon in later years in order to extend and deepen student knowledge, skills and mathematics understandings.

Our school places an emphasis on problem solving and investigative learning experiences – allowing students to ‘construct’ their understandings in a meaningful way.

Students are active partners in their learning process, involved in setting personal learning goals and self-assessment, enabling students to be involved in forming new ways of thinking about their learning and mathematics.

Inquiry Learning

At Skye Primary School we believe in developing students to be effective life-long learners who are successful, informed, motivated and productive members of the local and global community. We foster students to be able to communicate their learning in creative and effective ways to a broad audience throughout the world. Students learn through, and create with a variety of contemporary technologies.

Skye Primary School’s Inquiry Learning process aims to provide a curriculum and learning and teaching practice that ensures every young person is able to develop the foundation knowledge, skills and dispositions that enable future self-directed learning, social development and active and engaged citizenship as described in the Victorian Curriculum.

Skye Primary School believes in fostering and catering for 21st century learners through Inquiry curriculum and learning and teaching practices that:

  • Foster collaborative learning and collaborative learning environments
  • Develop strong relationships between students and students, students and teachers, and teachers and teachers
  • Foster critical and creative thinking and design
  • Nurtures connected learning communities
  • Utilises and maximises ICT in fostering creative thinking and creative problem solving
  • Foster and develop successful interpersonal and personal learning skills
  • Foster active connected citizenship to and through local community involvement and global interactions

Our Grade Prep – 6 Inquiry learning assists and enables students to develop values, dispositions and independent learning skills to become successful learners, confident and creative individuals and active and informed citizens.

Specialist Programs

Physical Education

All students have the opportunity to participate in weekly physical education lessons. These focus on building coordination and developing a better understanding of healthy behaviours.

Visual Arts

Visual Arts is a Specialist program where children attend one hourly weekly sessions. We run an engaging, fun and hands-on art program which is taught from Prep to Grade 6. The children explore a range of work, techniques and styles from different artists to help inspire their own creativity. The visual arts program focuses on the exploration of techniques, mediums, artists and art styles to give the students a wide range of skills.



All students from Foundation to Grade 6 have the opportunity to participate in a Japanese language lesson each week.
Learning within the Japanese Language Curriculum aims to develop student’s knowledge, understanding and skills to ensure that they are able to communicate in Japanese. It also builds development of student’s intercultural capabilities and understanding of themselves as communicators.

Students learn everyday Japanese language such as numbers, simple greetings and classroom expressions, and are supported and challenged to use everyday Japanese language within classroom routines in order to grow as Japanese language students.

Kitchen Garden

All students from Grade 2 to 6 participate in a two hour Kitchen Garden session each fortnight.  During these sessions students spend time gardening and cooking and sit down with their peers, teachers and volunteers to enjoy the meal they prepared together.

The program aims to:

  • Develop positive food behaviours by students learning how to grow, cook and eat fresh seasonal nutritious healthy food.
  • Promote the enjoyment of physical activity in the garden.
  • Foster student engagement where students are actively involved in their learning and develop a love for gardening and cooking.
  • Develop students’ knowledge about different cultures.
  • Encourage students to try healthy recipes at home and start vegetable and herb gardens.
  • Promote teamwork, confidence, positive self-esteem and respect for the environment.
  • Expand student vocabulary by describing foods, flavours, textures and plants.
  • Be fully integrated into the curriculum. Core curriculum areas such as Mathematics, Science and Reading are naturally occurring in Kitchen Garden sessions.

The success of our program is supported by our wonderful school community who volunteers their time to work with the students in the garden and kitchen.  We actively seek and encourage community partnerships with local businesses wishing to be involved in our program.


STEAM is not just a subject but a way of learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics to develop an inquiring mind. Students learn how to work through problems and think carefully about creative solutions. It encourages them to take thoughtful risks and involves learning through creating and making. It involves problem solving, collaboration, and hands-on learning and supports the capabilities required to be active life-long learners.  


Music is a specialist subject that is taught to students in F-2. The program aims to develop students confidence to be creative, innovative, thoughtful and informed musicians. Skills will be taught that enable students to listen, improvise, compose and perform music with intent and purpose.



As a tool to support learning, ICT plays a major role in all areas of the curriculum. Skye Primary has laptops, iPads and interactive whiteboards to provide flexibility in learning approaches in a range of settings.

Extra Curricular

A range of activities or programs are offered to enhance students’ experiences at school. Some of the extra-curricular activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Camping Program (Year 3-6 camps)
  • Somers Camp
  • Gymnastics
  • Archery
  • Swimming
  • Skye Footy League
  • Skye Big Bash League
  • House Athletics
  • Skye Sonics Basketball
  • Lunchtime Activities
  • Instrumental Music

Camping Program

Grade 3 to 6 students typically participate in a camp program, offering a rich variety of experiences in outdoor skills. The camps give provide an opportunity to expand on the usual curriculum by providing wonderful opportunities for social, emotional and personal growth for the children. The school is currently revising the camp program by offering overnight stays to students in Years 5 & 6 and trialling day camps and onsite experiences that will assist our Grade 3 & 4 students to prepare for camps later on.

Student Voice

We value our student’s voice and recognise the importance of encouraging our students to shape their education by engaging and participating in their learning, and actively contributing to decision making processes by influencing and putting forward their views, concerns and ideas. Student voice allows our students to engage, participate, lead and learn throughout their educational journey at Skye Primary.

Student Leadership Council

At Skye Primary School our students have the opportunity to be a part of the Student Leadership Council (SLC) where they can help shape our school and develop positive relationships with the broader community. The Student Leadership Council has been a part of the following:

  • Leading school assemblies
  • Presenting student awards
  • Public speaking opportunities
  • Introducing guest speakers and conducting school tours
  • Assist in fundraising
  • Representing our school at the Seaford RSL for ANZAC Day services
  • SLC members are used actively in seeking feedback from our students in how we can improve our school


Student Representative Council

Skye Primary School also supports active Student Voice through our Student Representative Council (SRC).

Our SRC is made up of our School Captains, SLC Members, and Class Representatives from Years 4 – 6.

Our SLC works together actively enabling a broad view point from our student body. This council actively contributes to decision making processes and influences outcomes within our school by stating their views, concerns and ideas.


House Captains

At Skye Primary School our Grade 6 House Captains are actively involved in supporting, encouraging and leading their school House Teams – Webb, Waugh, Freeman and Thorpe.

Our school enjoys a wide variety of House Sporting opportunities throughout the year, including our highly successful Junior House Sports activities and 3 – 6 House Sports Day.