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School Uniform

The Skye Primary School Council upholds our school Uniform Policy and has declared that it is compulsory for school uniform to be worn for the following reasons:

  • A uniform gives a school a sense of unity.
  • A uniform removes the sense of competition in dress, which can often cause stress amongst students.
  • Wearing a school uniform has the important safety factor of making Skye Primary children instantly recognisable in any group, such as when on excursion.

Skye Primary School children will not be permitted to attend out of school functions, e.g. excursions, unless they are wearing school uniform. This decision is to ensure the safety of our students while away from school and to provide a sense of unity to the public so that the image of our school is thus enhanced.


If for any reason a child may not be able to wear shoes to school e.g. blistered feet, a note must be provided from parents.


The School Uniform Shop

The School Uniform Shop

Skye Primary School uniform is available from Primary School Wear:

Primary School Wear
22/13 Gateway Drive
Carrum Downs, 3201

Primary School Wear should be contacted directly for any enquiries about the ordering or purchasing of school uniform. 

Summer Winter

Navy Broad brimmed Hat (must be worn 1st & 4th Term)

School dress or tunic

School windcheater, bomber jacket or Bonded Jacket/Vest

Navy shorts or slacks

Light blue or navy t-shirt

Light Blue or Navy Polo top

White or navy socks


School tunic

Navy track pants or slacks

School windcheater, bomber jacket, or Bonded Jacket/Vest

Light blue or navy long sleeve polo top

Light blue or navy skivvy

White/Navy socks, navy tights




Prices and Online Ordering are available through their website

Subway Orders

Students are able to receive lunch orders on a Thursday. These are managed through the local Frankston Subway. Orders are placed on-line via Canteen Hub

Orders must be placed before Tuesday at 10.30am and lunches will be delivered at school on Thursdays. 

If your child is unwell or absent from school and you have ordered you can organise to cancel or roll the lunch order to the following week by going into the help section in Canteen Hub or emailing




School Council

All government schools in Victoria have school councils.. They are legally formed bodies that are given powers to set the key directions of a school. In the performance of their role, school councils are able to directly influence the quality of education that the school provides for its students.

Within guidelines provided by the Department of Education & Training (DET), a school council has responsibilities for developing such things as

  • The school’s budget which shares out the available resources to enhance and support the learning needs of the students of Skye Primary school.
  • The general educational policy of the school
  • The physical appearance and maintenance of the school’s buildings and grounds
  • The student code of conduct which provides a safe and orderly environment for learning
  • An annual report on the school’s achievements….


Skye Primary School Council has a membership of 14:

  • 8 parents
  • 5 DET employees, which includes the Principal as the Executive Officer
  • 1 Co-Opted Community Member


School Council meets the first Tuesday of each month.
School Council elections are held each year for 4 parent and 2 DET employee positions. The notice of election is advertised through the weekly school newsletter in February of each year.
Further information on school councils can be obtained from the DET Website.
Aaron Gionis is Skye Primary School’s Council President.
Further questions about school council can be directed to the School Principal.

Parent, Teachers and Friends Association

Skye Primary School Parents, Teachers and Friends (PTF) is a fun, toddler friendly connection of dedicated parents, teachers and friends of the school who enjoy volunteering their time to work together for the better of our students.

The primary role of the PTF is to:

Work in partnership with the school to promote strong links between the school and its community of parents, carers and friends
Provide information to families about the school and its community activities and where possible extend assistance to foster good relations among the school’s community.
Initiate and organise fund raising events which aim to bring the school community closer together while raising extra revenue for the school to finance additional learning facilities to benefit all students.
All parents teachers and friends are welcome to join the PTF either as active members or simply to interact with other parents and become more involved with the school.

Some of the events/activities/school support organised by the Parents’ Club include the following:

  • Morning Tea (for Prep parents)
  • Mothers’ Day Stall / Fathers’ Day Stall
  • Trivia Night
  • Easter Raffle


Over the past few years the PTF have fundraised for and provided:

  • Air-conditioning to classrooms
  • Student laptops for classrooms
  • Software programs
  • Library Books
  • Sports equipment
  • Student playgrounds
  • Classroom Equipment
  • School Oval
  • Support to Grade Six Graduation
  • New Junior School sandpit

The Parents’ Club can be contacted by telephoning the school direct on 9786 1555 or by email at

Parent Teacher Interviews

Parent Teacher Interviews are held in Term Two each year. If you feel you need to speak with your child’s teacher at any other time please make an appointment with them and they will be happy to discuss any concerns you may be having.

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