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Principal’s Welcome

Welcome to Skye Primary School! As a vibrant hub in the Skye community, we’re proud of what we offer and are optimistic about the future that lies ahead for our students.

At the heart of Skye PS are our core values: Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, and Relationships. These principles not only guide our daily operations but shape our positive school culture. They form the foundation that empowers our students to be active, meaningful contributors both within our walls and in the broader community.

Ensuring a safe, supportive, and inclusive environment is our top priority. By cultivating positive relationships and prioritising student wellbeing, we’ve created a setting where students are eager to learn and grow. Our structured routines and positive behaviour strategies further enhance our harmonious learning environment.

We’re driven by a clear goal: to prepare students to exit Skye PS as confident thinkers ready to embrace the world’s challenges. We pride ourselves on our comprehensive academic program, which includes explicit instruction in core areas such as Literacy and Numeracy. Our Inquiry-based approach across other curriculum areas, coupled with a wide range of engaging specialist and extra-curricular programs, ensures that our students not only acquire knowledge but also develop the essential skills and attitudes required for a rapidly changing world.

We believe in taking collective responsibility for student learning. Our team, comprised of dedicated professionals, thrives through collaboration within professional learning communities. Teachers are focused on continually refining their practice, using rigorous data analysis and peer observations to measure and reflect on their tangible impact on student learning.

We’re thrilled with our recent infrastructural enhancements completed in 2022. From a modern administration office to a state-of-the-art gymnasium, music room, and library, we offer a range of inspiring spaces for our students to learn and grow. Our refreshed STEAM centre stands as a testament to our forward-thinking approach while retaining the semi-rural charm that defines us.

Collaboration with families is key to our success. Recognising the vital role parents and the community play, we actively foster this partnership, believing that it amplifies the positive impact on our students’ educational journey.

To truly capture the essence of Skye PS, we invite you to visit. Please join us for a school tour or reach out for an individual appointment. It’ll be a pleasure to introduce you to our community and discuss your child’s education.

Tim Bernau

Acting Principal


Leadership Team

Under the leadership of our Acting Principal, Tim Bernau, the Executive Leadership team strive to ensure that continued school improvement is a priority. They oversee the educational policies and daily running of the school and are responsible for ensuring that everyone who is part of our school contributes to the success of the Strategic Plan. The Leadership team work collaboratively within our professional learning community to ensure that our students are cared for by excellent teachers who provide high quality teaching and learning experiences.


Tim Bernau

Kim Weissenburger
Acting Assistant Principal

Helen Meadows
Disability & Inclusion Co-Ordinator

Jenny Kelly
Learning Specialist

Hailee Eade
Learning Specialist

Krystal Anderson
Learning Specialist

School Profile

Skye Primary School has been serving our local community since 1873. We started as a humble school providing education for just 26 students, to a school that has now grown to over 500 students.

Skye Primary School has been considered a semi-rural setting over the past years, and are proud to have maintained our ‘semi-rural feel’ with the extensive housing development that has occurred around the school over the recent years.

We are proud of our school’s physical environment and facilities, with significant improvements to our grounds over recent years. We boast extensive areas for our students to play, with a separate enclosed prep playground area, 2 junior playgrounds, 2 middle-senior school playgrounds, a football oval, a newly developing soccer field, 2 basketball courts and hardcourt areas for play, a quiet sit down area in our sails area, as well as extensive play space around our buildings.

Our architecturally designed buildings are airconditioned and provide modern facilities necessary to provide the optimum learning environment for our students.

We have a large hall that is used for Physical Education lessons, assemblies and special events. We offer high quality specialist learning within our Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Auslan and Science programs.

Nurturing and educating children is seen as a shared responsibility between home and school, with Skye Primary School building strong relationships with our community and working closely with parents and carers as active partners in their child’s schooling and education.

At Skye Primary School we aim to provide stimulating learning programs in a purposeful and caring environment that enable every student to realise their full potential. In doing so we foster a learning environment rich in values, with our students provided with the opportunity and support to develop confidence and self-esteem within a flexible, happy and positive school environment, building core values of Respect, Relationships, Resilience and Responsibility.

Our main aim is to foster in students the qualities and skills that will enable them to adapt to an every changing world.

School Vision
To Build a connected community that inspires and empowers learners to be successful in an ever-changing world.


We at Skye Primary School believe that every person in our school community has the potential to assist each student achieving our vision.

Teaching Community

All staff will have the requisite knowledge, skills and behaviours to facilitate our students to develop into literate, numerate,creative and socially responsible community members.

Student Community

Students will be challenged to develop into literate, numerate,creative and socially responsible community members.

Parents & Community Members

Parents and community members will be positive active members of the school community. They will show enthusiasm for student growth and support the learning process.

School Values

​These values are reinforced through classroom programs.


At Skye Primary School we show respect and care about the feelings and rights of others.


  • use manners
  • allow teachers to teach and others to learn
  • treat others with kindness
  • listen attentively
  • accept ourselves for who we are


At Skye Primary School we create and maintain positive relationships.


  • include others
  • cooperate with others
  • solve problems in a positive manner
  • appreciate the differences in others


At Skye Primary School we are resilient and work through challenges effectively.


  • are persistent and don’t give up
  • know it is ok to make a mistake
  • use a range of strategies to solve a problem
  • face challenges with a positive attitude
  • move forward when things don’t go our way


At Skye Primary School we take responsibility for our learning, behaviour and school environment.


  • take care of ourselves and our belongings
  • look after our learning environment and the school yard
  • can be trusted to make good choices
  • are in charge of our choices
  • recognise that our choices can impact others


Administration Office

Michelle Drew
Business Manager

Wendy Jones
Administration Office

Sheree Jones
Administration Office

Belinda Schodde
School Nurse


Ashley Herrmann
Prep A Teacher

Sarah Weiss
Prep B Teacher

Ann Bishop
Prep C Teacher

Dave Anderson
Prep D Teacher

Gabby Grant
Prep E Teacher

Rachel Costello
Prep A Teacher

Inger Furlong
Prep E Teacher

Year 1

Shanae French
Year 1A Teacher

Michelle Hammill
Year 1B Teacher

Julieanne Brooks
Year 1C Teacher

Fiona Torrington
Year 1D Teacher

Year 2

Maddison Jennings
Year 2A Teacher

Krystal Anderson
Year 2B Teacher

Hailee Eade
Year 2C Teacher

Emma Middlebrook
Year 2D Teacher

Year 3

Amy Jung
Year 3A Teacher

Helen Hamill
Year 3B Teacher

Amanda Bongers
Year 3/4C Teacher

Taryn Clough
Year 3A Teacher

Year 4

Dean Ross
Year 4A Teacher

Olivia Pendreich
Year 4B Teacher

Year 5

Tom Jackson
Year 5A Teacher

Anisa Akkusoglu
Year 5B Teacher

Andrew Keenan
Year 5/6C Teacher

Year 6

Jenny Kelly
Year 6A Teacher

Richard Taberner
Year 6B Teacher

Specialist Team

Jac Jackson
Visual Arts

Belinda Critchlow

Anita Blenkiron

Vanessa Nestor

Steve Jackson
Physical Education

Rachel Costello
Physical Education

Shelley Murphy

Inger Furlong
Kitchen Garden

Education Support Team

Rachel Clarke

Tanja Sucic
Education Support

Kerry Brand
Education Support

Kathleen Cox
Education Support

Perrianne Hajdu
Education Support

Tarnia Mathieson
Education Support

Samantha Mitchell
Education Support

Carly Davis
Education Support

Maria Bunni
Education Support



Anaphylaxis Policy SKPS 2023

Asthma Policy SKPS 2024

Attendance Policy SKPS 2021

Bullying Prevention Policy SKPS 2023

Camps And Excursions Policy SKPS 2023

Camp Excursion COVID Safe Risk Assessment SKPS 2022

CCTV Policy SKPS 2021

Child Safety Responding And Reporting Obligations Policy And Procedures 2024

Child Safety Code Of Conduct 2024

Child Safety And Wellbeing Policy 2024

Child Safety Induction Pack Volunteers SKPS 2022

Class Placement Policy SKPS 2023

Complaints Policy SKPS 2024

Covid Safety Management Plan And Covidsafe Plan

Critical Incident Policy SKPS 2022

Digital Learning Policy SKPS 2022

Digital Learning Acceptable User Agreement SKPS 2022

Dress Code Students Policy SKPS 2021

Duty Of Care SKPS 2021

Family Engagement In Learning 2022

First Aid Policy SKPS 2023

Fundraising Policy SKPS 2021

Head Lice Policy SKPS 2020

Health Care Needs Policy SKPS 2021

Homework Policy SKPS 2024

Inclusion Diversity Policy SKPS 2021

Mandatory Vaccination Information Collection And Recording Procedures SKPS 2021

Medications Policy SKPS 2021

Mobile Phones Policy SKPS 2022

Motto Vision Mission Values SKPS 2022

No Smoking Policy SKPS 2022

OHS Contractors Handbook 2024

Parent Payment Policy 2024

Photographing Filming Recording Students Policy 2024

Refunds Policy SKPS 2022

Respectful behaviours within the school community

Respect For School Staff SKPS 2023

Restraint and Seclusion Policy

School Privacy Policy SKPS 2022

Statement Of Values And School Philosophy Policy SKPS 2022

Student Wellbing And Engagement Policy SKPS 2024

First Aid Policy SKPS 2023

Therapy Dogs At School Policy SKPS 2023

Yard Duty And Supervision Policy Update SKPS 2022

Visitors Policy 2023

Volunteers Policy SKPS 2023

Annual Report

The annual report provides the community with information about the school’s performance in implementing their improvement strategies and how the school’s resources have been used.