Student Welfare

At Skye Primary School we take a proactive approach to supporting our students in all aspects of their school life.
We have:

  • A full time Student Welfare Officer
  • Support from the Peninsula North Network Guidance Officer & Speech Pathologist
  • Referral access to onsite counselling services through OzChild
  • Proactive programs such as Tribes, Ripple of Kindness and Restorative Practices


Student Health

Skye Primary School has a trained first aid officer on staff to assist all students, staff and visitors to our school.

During recess and lunchtime, students are encouraged to report to the teacher on Yard Duty to assist them with minor incidents. Teachers on duty will then provide students with a pass to the sick bay for more serious incidents.


Allergies & Anaphylaxis

Some people are highly allergic to bees, insects and certain types of foods.

Severe cases that have been medically diagnosed are referred to as Anaphylaxis. If you child has been medically diagnosed you must complete an epipen action plan and supply to school with a current epipen.



Some students may require prescription medication throughout the day. All medications need to be stored at the office in our sick bay.

Parents will also need to complete the Short Term Medication Form and send this along with the medication to school.



All students will be taking part in fun activities within their school tribe.

NOTE: Maybe a bit more info on this?

Businesses & Services

S.M.E. Constructions

S.M.E. Constructions are proud sponsors of Skye Primary School

Tel: 0449 195 527


Mathletics is a fantastic resource for all students to access. Your child has been allocated a username and password.


Student Leadership

Skye Primary School is committed to providing students opportunities to contribute to school wide decision making. This shall be provided through the Student Leadership Council. (SLC)

The aims of the SLC are:

  • Encourage all student to participate in school activities;
  • Develop friendships among all students and a general spirit of friendliness in the school;
  • Take pride in the condition and appearance of school buildings, grounds and other facilities;
  • Involve students in both social and organisational problem-solving within the school
  • Encourage good relationships with other schools;
  • Develop within individuals a sense of responsibility for their own conduct and behaviour during school hours;
  • Promote student achievement;
  • Co-ordinate social and recreational activities;
  • Participate in curriculum development;
  • Give students a share in decision making on school committees;
  • Co-ordinate fundraising events;
  • Create a friendly relationship between teachers and students;
  • Help develop potential leaders through leadership workshops;
  • Emphasise citizenship and democracy;
  • Develop a sensitivity to and awareness of the needs and problems of others
  • Co-ordinate and have input into assemblies;
  • Promote the S.L.C. both within and outside the school;
  • Develop feelings of self confidence and social maturity;
  • Encourage student interaction within the community.

Enrolments & Transition



Please contact Wendy on 9786 1555 to obtain our Enrolment Pack.
The following documentation is required as part of all school enrolments

  • copy of your child’s birth certificate
  • immunisation record (obtainable from Medicare Australia)

If you don’t have copies of these documents, please contact the relevant places to obtain them.



School tours will be offered to interested parents. During these tours we will visit all parts of the school and see the school facilities. During the tour either the Principal or Assistant Principal, will outline the various programs offered at Skye Primary and will also answer any questions you may have.

Once you have returned your Enquiry Form you are welcome to book a school tour. Please ensure that you ring the school and make a booking for a tour date that best suits you.

Call 9786 1555 and ask for Wendy bookings are essential. You are more than welcome to bring along your child to see their potential new school.



We do not have any school tours scheduled for the remainder of 2016, if you are interested in touring the school we encourage you to contact the office on 9785 1555.



Thursday 3rd November 2016 at 6:30pm

An Information Evening will be held later this year. This meeting will provide information on the following:

  • Preparing your child for school
  • Expectations of our school
  • Our curriculum at Skye Primary School
  • School – Home partnership
  • Transition

Please note students are not required to attend this meeting.



The Prep Transition Program is designed to support parents in making that all important decision about which school will best meet the needs of their child.



Prior to the Transition Sessions any Preps for 2017 who have been enrolled will be able to attend some afternoons of shared activities in the prep classrooms. This will be a relaxed way in which parents and future students can continue the process of preparing for school.

Skye Starters will be held on the following Fridays from 2:15-3:15pm

  • Story Time – 21st October 2016
  • Magic With Music – 28th October 2016
  • Think, Create, Play – 4th November 2016



To help ensure that all our enrolled Preps, are as comfortable as possible on their very first day at Skye Primary School. We will be running three structured transition sessions in our Prep rooms. It is anticipated that each student will complete as many of the sessions as possible if they are unable to attend a session for whatever reason please let the school know.

Prep Transition mornings will be held on the following Tuesdays from 9:15-10:45am:

  • 8th November 2016
  • 15th November 2016
  • 22nd November 2016

School Values

​These values are reinforced through classroom programs.


At Skye Primary School we show respect and care about the feelings and rights of others.


  • use manners
  • allow teachers to teach and others to learn
  • treat others with kindness
  • listen attentively
  • accept ourselves for who we are


At Skye Primary School we create and maintain positive relationships.


  • include others
  • cooperate with others
  • solve problems in a positive manner
  • appreciate the differences in others


At Skye Primary School we are resilient and work through challenges effectively.


  • are persistent and don’t give up
  • know it is ok to make a mistake
  • use a range of strategies to solve a problem
  • face challenges with a positive attitude
  • move forward when things don’t go our way


At Skye Primary School we take responsibility for our learning, behaviour and school environment.


  • take care of ourselves and our belongings
  • look after our learning environment and the school yard
  • can be trusted to make good choices
  • are in charge of our choices
  • recognise that our choices can impact others

School Vision

All students at Skye Primary School will be literate, numerate, creative and socially responsible community members.


We at Skye Primary School believe that every person in our school community has the potential to assist each student achieving our vision.

Teaching Community

All staff will have the requisite knowledge, skills and behaviours to facilitate our students to develop into literate, numerate,creative and socially responsible community members.

Student Community

Students will be challenged to develop into literate, numerate,creative and socially responsible community members.

Parents & Community Members

Parents and community members will be positive active members of the school community. They will show enthusiasm for student growth and support the learning process.

Second Hand Uniforms

There are second hand uniforms available at the office for a gold coin donation.

State Schools’ Relief has launched clk2sell – a smartphone solution to buy and sell second-hand school uniforms. This easy to use app aims to help make it simple for you to buy and sell school uniforms. State Schools Relief supports thousands of young Victorians and their families, clothing 1 in 60 children for school each year. They are the leading agency providing uniforms and footware for students in Victorian government schools.

For more information, visit their website at or download the app from iTunes. An android version is due for release soon.