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Oh what fun we all had at our recent Colour-athon!

On Thursday 23rd November our Colour-athon day finally arrived after we were disappointed the week before when we had to postpone due to ‘unfriendly’ weather causing a wash-out!

However, the weather really turned it out for students, teachers, parents and our community as we ran and walked ourselves around our oval whilst enjoying the bright sprays of colour as we went along. It did not take long before most of us were covered in bright colours from head to toe. We were also lucky to be cooled down on this very hot day with a little bit of added water fun as well – much to the sqealing delight of our students (and maybe some of our teachers too!).

We enjoyed drinks, icecreams and food thanks to the organisation and volunteers of our community members and Parents, Teachers and Friends group – we were all very thankful for the cold icypoles throughout the day and at the end after all of our laps.

Every year Skye Primary School holds our annual fundraising Fun Run event – however this year was the very first of our ‘A-thons’, with this year being our first ever ‘Colour-athon’.

We wonder what type of ‘Athon’ it will be next year!

Grade 6 Resident Artist Program

Grade 6 Resident Artist Program

Skye Primary School is a bright, colourful and vibrant school thanks to our amazing Grade 6 Resident Artist Program.

Every year our Grade 6 students work with our resident artist, Karen Lewis, to create vibrant personalised artworks that come together as a celebration of each graduating grade 6 year.

Our students look forward to this work together and become very excited as they enter into their final year of primary school, looking forward to leaving behind a very special piece of themselves for our future students and community to admire into the future.

We also love it when we see our students return to visit us – always returning to where their piece of artwork is displayed!

Harmony Day

Harmony Day

Australia is a vibrant and multicultural country — from the oldest continuous culture of our first Australians, to the cultures of our newest arrivals from around the world. Cultural diversity is one of Australia’s greatest strengths and is at the heart of who we are. This is what makes Australia a great place to live!

Multicultural Australia is an integral part of our national identity. All people who migrate to Australia bring with them some of their own cultural and religious traditions, as well as taking on many new traditions. Collectively, these traditions have enriched our nation.

We celebrated Harmony Day at Skye Primary School and it was great to see our students dressed in their national costumes and in the colour of Harmony Day, orange!

The message of Harmony Day is ‘everyone belongs’, and we aimed to engage all of our students in a variety of activities focused on cultural respect and diversity, and to foster a sense of belonging in for everyone.

2017 Enrolments

2017 Enrolments

We are currently taking enrolments for 2017. Please contact Wendy on 9786 1555 for more information.



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